Student Profile

Renee Giron

Renee Giron believes that the best thing UCF offers to its students is the endless opportunities. Giron has attended the University of Central Florida since her freshman year as an undergraduate student, in fall 2011. During her years as an undergraduate, she was a Resident Assistant, Orientation Team Leader, Student Ambassador for the College of Business, and was involved with Honors Congress and Beta Alpha Psi. Now, as a graduate student, Giron is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Career Professionalism series of courses that all undergraduate business students are required to complete. UCF offered her several niches where she felt empowered to push beyond her comfort zone and challenge herself.

After graduating with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting, Giron decided she wanted to pursue the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation, which requires additional education. The Master of Science in Accounting program satisfies those requirements. Giron enjoyed continuing her education and furthering her relationships with the UCF faculty members that she had developed while an undergraduate.

In spring 2017, Giron will graduate with a Master of Science in Accounting and will start a full-time job as an Audit Associate in fall 2017.

Weiting Li

Weiting Li received her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China; she later entered the Master of Science in Accounting program at UCF. Li has maintained a strong academic performance by achieving high exam grades and dedicating herself to learning in all her classes. She has been the recipient of several scholarships, including College of Business Administration Alumni Chapter Scholarship by UCF and BDO, USA LLP Endowed Scholarship.

Throughout the spring semester of 2016, Li served as the Executive Vice President for Beta Alpha Psi. She planned and coordinated the 42nd Dixon School of Accounting Spring Banquet, an event that brought UCF accounting students and professionals together to award scholarship winners and recognize the officers of student organizations. From Spring 2015 to Spring 2017, she also worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for multiple accounting classes, such as 2021 Financial Accounting, 2071 Managerial Accounting, 3131 Intermediate Accounting, and 3501 Governmental and not-for-profit accounting. Li was also the campus ambassador for the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 2016.

Li will complete her MSA in Spring 2017. She is working to become a Certified Public Accountant, having passed all four parts of the CPA exam, including a 93 on FAR and AUDIT.

Gage Marsil

Gage Marsil played football for the University of Central Florida Knights football team from 2012-2016. Marsil learned to balance football and academics as he pursued a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting at UCF. George O’Leary’s stance on academics positively impacted Marsil’s outlook on his studies.

UCF’s athletics program was the main reason Marsil chose to attend UCF. He also saw nothing but huge potential for himself at the University of Central Florida. Marsil enjoys how UCF not only develops you toward a career path, with excellent professors and opportunities, but also how UCF builds you as a person. One of his favorite qualities of UCF is how regardless of the fact that UCF is amongst the largest schools in the nation, as a student, you still receive one-on-one help you need to excel in your courses. He graduated from UCF with a BS in Accounting in the summer of 2016 and decided to continue his educated at his alma mater.

Marsil is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Accounting and is set to graduate in the summer of 2017. He already accepted a full-time position at Ernst and Young, which he will start in September 2017. 

Paula Dawson

Paula Dawson will graduate from the University of Central Florida in spring 2017 with a master’s in Accounting. She studied Financial Economics as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. During her time at UMBC, Dawson became interested in accounting through the courses she was enrolled in.

UCF’s small class size and atmosphere for learning were the reasons Dawson selected to pursue her Master’s at UCF. She loves the endless places to study around campus, especially in the Business Administration buildings. Dawson enjoys the ease of interacting with other students within her classes and the professors.

During her time at UCF, Dawson worked as an Accounting Assistant and found that she was able to apply so much knowledge learned through her courses, to her job duties. Upon graduation, Dawson plans to work as an accountant and work towards obtaining her CPA license. 

Mahnoor Ashraf

Mahnoor Ashraf knew accounting was what she wanted to pursue after taking Financial Accounting, her first accounting class at the University of Central Florida. Ashraf had an aptitude for accounting and knew it was the subject she was enthusiastic to learn more about. After completing her bachelor’s in accounting, she immediately applied for the MSA Program at UCF. Ashraf wanted to stay at UCF to continue being amongst a group of diversified students and taking advantage of the large number of students and opportunities that UCF offers.

Ashraf’s favorite aspect of her program is that the master’s program offers smaller classes with more one-on-one interaction with other students and teachers. Being around other individuals with whom she shares similar goals, as well as teachers who take an interest in those goals, is what Ashraf finds as motivation to work hard in school.

UCF’s diversity is Ashraf’s favorite thing about UCF. UCF’s diverse student body helped her meet and connect with individuals from so many different backgrounds, and she never felt like an outcast due to being a minority. UCF celebrates diversity and differences, and this is what made Ashraf’s experience so exceptional.

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