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Nursing Nondegree students may take nursing graduate courses as a nondegree-seeking post-baccalaureate student on a space-available basis. See the Policies section of this Catalog for details on the possible use of these courses toward a degree. Completion of post-baccalaureate courses does not guarantee admission to the graduate program or their use in a degree program.

Students should choose the Nursing Nondegree option on the application to facilitate processing of files. Student may take nursing graduate classes as a nondegree-seeking post-baccalaureate student on a space-available basis. It is possible that no courses will have space available in a given semester as students in the graduate nursing programs receive priority for enrollment. Please contact the College of Nursing Graduate Office for registration assistance at

International students are not eligible for this status unless they hold an eligible visa. International students taking online courses from their home country are eligible to be nondegree seeking since they do not require a visa.

Please Note: In general, Nursing Nondegree students are not eligible for financial aid, assistantships, or fellowships, although it is best to check with the Office of Student Financial Assistance for specific details. Nondegree-seeking students must be enrolled in 12 credit hours or more to be considered in full-time status.


Students can enroll in graduate nursing courses as nondegree on a space-available basis. Students will be required to complete and submit a Non-degree Student Registration Request Form to be registered. Students can only transfer courses taken in nondegree status with a "B" grade or better into a graduate nursing program. Transfer credit limitations apply to nondegree students and will vary depending on the program.  Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for Policies related to nondegree seeking students and transfer of credit.  

Nursing nondegree enrollment will be limited to the following courses:

  • NGR 5800 Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5141 Pathophysiological Bases for Advanced Practice Nursing (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5638 Health Promotion (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5720 Organizational Dynamics (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5871 Health Care Informatics (3 credit hours)

Application Requirements

For information on general UCF graduate admissions requirements that apply to all prospective students, please visit the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.

In addition to completing the online application, Nursing Nondegree applicants will need to submit official, final transcripts from a regionally accredited institution showing a conferred bachelor's degree and evidence of completion of a professional nurse education program (RN).

Nursing Nondegree students will also be required to submit an Immunization Form prior to enrollment. Although this form is not used in the admission process, students will not be allowed to enroll at UCF without submitting the required Immunization Form.

Application Deadlines

Nursing Nondegree *Fall Priority Fall Spring Summer
Domestic Applicants


Jul 15Dec 1Apr 15

Students interested in Nursing Nondegree should contact the College of Nursing ( or 407-823-2744) regarding class availability and scheduling prior to applying.

International Applicants





International Transfer Applicants





*Applicants who plan to enroll full time in a degree program and who wish to be considered for university fellowships or assistantships should apply by the Fall Priority date.