Clinical Nurse Leader Graduate Certificate

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This program has been temporarily suspended effective Fall 2013.

The Clinical Nurse Leader Graduate Certificate prepares nurses who have a master's degree in nursing for positions as Clinical Nurse Leaders. Clinical Nurse Leaders are advanced educated nurses who function as clinical experts at the unit-based level.


The Clinical Nurse Leader certificate curriculum consists of advanced clinical courses as well as advanced clinical nursing leadership. The program requires 12 credit hours. There are 18 credit hours of prerequisite/corequisite requirements.Students gain 480 hours of clinical practice. Each 1 credit hour clinical course requires 60 hours of supervised clinical experience. The Internship/Residency requires 300 clinical hours.

Total Credit Hours Required:
12 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Master's Degree

Prerequisite/Corequisite Courses—18 Credit Hours

  • NGR 5003 Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning (2 credit hours)
  • NGR 5003L Advanced Health Assessment Clinical (1 credit hour)
  • NGR 5141 Pathophysiological Bases for APN (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5638 Health Promotion (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 5720 Organizational Dynamics (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 6172 Pharmacology (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 6722 Financial Management and Resource Utilization (3 credit hours)

Required Courses—12 Credit Hours

  • NGR 6105 Management of Symptoms and Outcome (3 credit hours)
  • NGR 6773L CNL Residency (3 credit hours, 300 clinical hours)
  • NGR 6775L CNL Resources and Outcomes (1 credit hour, 60 clinical hours)
  • NGR 6777L CNL Quality and Safety (1 credit hour, 60 clinical hours)
  • NGR 6776L CNL Advocacy and Education (1 credit hour, 60 clinical hours)
  • NGR 6874 Nursing Environment Management (3 credit hours)

Application Requirements

Admission is open to those with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. An application to the graduate certificate program and official transcripts must be submitted. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.