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The College of Business Administration offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with three options for study: a part-time Evening MBA offered on the main campus; a Professional Part-Time MBA and Professional Full-Time MBA at regional campuses and downtown; and an Executive MBA at the Executive Development Center in downtown Orlando. The UCF MBA degree is accredited by AACSB International.


The Master’s in Business Administration requires a total of 39 credit hours, of which 30 credit hours are professional core courses and 9 credit hours are electives. Internship options are available for the Evening MBA track.
Total Credit Hours Required:
39 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

The MBA curriculum provides a challenging and creative learning environment in an intensive program of study that has a broad-based administrative emphasis. Recognizing that the management methods of tomorrow may bear little resemblance to techniques in current use, the program emphasizes sound general principles and decision-making techniques that provide a base for continued learning and professional development.

Foundation Preparation

To help prepare you for the start of your MBA program, UCF offers online learning modules in accounting, economics, finance, and business statistics.  These are offered through McGraw-Hill’s Connect online learning management system and are designed to help you build the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in your MBA program at UCF. They are available for 2 years from the date of purchase and allow you to work at your own pace.  Non-business undergraduate are required to take the Initial Assessments for each of the subject areas, and possibly purchase the online learning modules depending on their Initial Assessment results. For more information on the MBA Foundation Modules, email You may also visit the McGraw Hill website at

Required Courses—30 Credit Hours

The MBA professional core consists of advanced course work that substantially extends and applies knowledge developed in the student's undergraduate degree and career. In addition to the 30 required credit hours, the MBA program also requires the student to take three elective courses (9 credit hours). The MBA program does not require a thesis or comprehensive exam.

MBA Professional Core I: Decision-Making Tools—18 Credit Hours        

  • BUL 6444 Law and Ethics (3 credit hours)*
  • ECO 6416 Applied Business Research Tools (3 credit hours) 
  • MAN 6245 Organizational Behavior and Development (3 credit hours) 
  • ACG 6425 Managerial Accounting Analysis (3 credit hours)* 
  • ECO 6115 Economic Analysis of the Firm (3 credit hours) 
  • MAR 6466 Strategic Supply Chain Management (3 credit hours)

* Students who wish to sit for the CPA exam may substitute appropriate coursework for these courses.

MBA Professional Core II: Decision Applications—12 Credit Hours

Core I is a prerequisite for Core II courses.

  • MAR 6816 Strategic Marketing Management (3 credit hours)
  • FIN 6406 Strategic Financial Management (3 credit hours)
  • GEB 6365 International Business Analysis (3 credit hours)
  • MAN 6721 Applied Strategy and Business Policy (grade of B- or better is required in this course) (3 credit hours)

MBA Electives—9 Credit Hours

The MBA requires 9 hours of electives.  Unrestricted business electives may include any 5000 or 6000 level business course. Restricted electives include a maximum of two courses or 6 credit hours taken outside the College of Business Administration with permission from the Graduate Business Programs Office prior to taking the course.

Please see individual MBA tracks for elective options. 

Certain Evening MBA business elective courses may also count toward Business Certificate credit, if the student has been admitted to an appropriate certificate program.

Capstone Course

The MBA's capstone course, MAN 6721 Applied Strategy and Business Policy, is required for all MBA students. This capstone course integrates the various functional disciplines in business administration. It focuses on the theories and frameworks in the field of strategic management.  The minimum passing grade for MAN 6721 is a B-.

Additional Program Requirements

Any student enrolled in a College of Business Administration master's degree program who earns more than two final course grades below a B- will be dismissed from the program and retention plans will not be supported by the College of Business Administration.

Application Requirements

For information on general UCF graduate admissions requirements that apply to all prospective students, please visit the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.

Applicants must choose a track in this program. Track(s) may have different admission requirements, start dates and deadlines.


Graduate students may receive financial assistance through fellowships, assistantships, tuition support, or loans. For more information, see the College of Graduate Studies Funding website, which describes the types of financial assistance available at UCF and provides general guidance in planning your graduate finances. The Financial Information section of the Graduate Catalog is another key resource.


Fellowships are awarded based on academic merit to highly qualified students. They are paid to students through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, based on instructions provided by the College of Graduate Studies. Fellowships are given to support a student’s graduate study and do not have a work obligation. For more information, see UCF Graduate Fellowships, which includes descriptions of university fellowships and what you should do to be considered for a fellowship.