Conservation Biology Graduate Certificate

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This certificate is no longer accepting applications effective Fall 2016. The Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology provides students with an excellent opportunity for cross-discipline training in conservation theory in a classroom setting with field work in the laboratory portions of Biology.


The Conservation Biology certificate requires four graduate courses (12 credit hours) in conservation study.

Total Credit Hours Required:
12 Credit Hours Minimum beyond the Bachelor's Degree

Required Courses—12 Credit Hours

Students should take two courses from Group A, one course from Group B, and the course from Group C.

Group A

  • BSC 5332 Invasion Biology (3 credit hours)
  • PCB 5045 Conservation Biology (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 5935 Population Genetics (3 credit hours)
  • PCB 6053C Restoration Ecology (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 6328C Landscape Ecology (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 6480C Quantitative Conservation Biology (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 6556 Conservation Genetics (3 credit hours)
  • ZOO 6520 Behavioral Ecology (3 credit hours)

Group B

  • BOT 6623C Plant Ecology (4 credit hours)
  • BSC 5824 Biogeography (4 credit hours)
  • ENY 5006C Entomology (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 5326C Ecosystems of Florida (5 credit hours)
  • PCB 5435C Marine Ecology of Florida (4 credit hours)
  • PCB 6035C Wetland Ecology (4 credit hours)
  • ZOO 5456C Ichthyology (4 credit hours)
  • ZOO 5463C Herpetology (4 credit hours)
  • ZOO 5475L Field Ornithology (3 credit hours)
  • ZOO 5486 Mammalogy (4 credit hours)

Group C

  • PAZ 5235 Zoo and Aquarium Biology and Management (3 credit hours)

Independent Learning

Graduate students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology are expected to engage in independent learning throughout their enrollment. Independent learning is a key component of all of the courses approved for inclusion in this certificate, where emphasis is placed on the development of analytical skills and critical thinking. In addition, depending upon their career goals, other experiences such as directed readings, additional research projects, or internships may be undertaken by the students.

Application Requirements

Admission is open to those with a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. An application to the graduate certificate program and official transcripts must be submitted. Applicants must apply online. All requested materials must be submitted by the established deadline.