Student Profile

Katrina Woltmann

Katrina Woltmann came to UCF after earning her bachelor’s in English from New College of Florida. She attended law school for a while, but did not feel the same fulfillment that came from reading and studying the literature she had always loved. Now, she is pursuing her master’s in English in the Literary, Cultural and Textual Studies track. What Woltmann loves most about her program is its challenges. “I feel invigorated and intellectually stimulated with every class reading, meeting, and interaction with my professors and peers.” She also appreciates the opportunities she has had at UCF to present material at research conferences, attend symposiums, have her work published, and be mentored. She served as a teaching assistant for Lisa Logan, PhD, who nurtured her interest in becoming a teacher one day.

Additionally, Woltmann is in a tennis league, does volunteer work, and loves to spend time with her dog, Apollo. She is currently working on her thesis and plans to graduate in spring 2014, after which she intends to continue studying for her PhD in English.

Sasha Strelitz

Sasha Strelitz has always loved reading and writing poetry and stories. She began her undergraduate degree as a Comparative Literature major at New York University then transferred to Nova Southeastern University where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in English. She is now enrolled in the Literary, Cultural and Textual Studies track of the English master’s program.

Strelitz chose UCF for her master’s degree because the program is geared toward modern works with a focus on digital humanities. This fits in perfectly with her interest in modern American literature, particularly the Beat Generation. She has examined the biographical elements in Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” regarding his homosexuality and his Judaism and wants to continue research in this vein. Her ultimate goal is to be a novelist, poet, and a university professor.

Strelitz enjoys the seminar style of classes with an open exchange of ideas, and she finds the professors engaging. She particularly enjoys being a Teaching Assistant for Patrick Murphy, PhD and Kathleen Hohenleitner, PhD. In addition to course work and being a teaching assistant, Strelitz volunteers for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. She also makes it a point to have time for her own writing. Strelitz graduates in 2015 and plans to pursue her doctorate in English.

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