Faculty Profile

Steven L. Berman, PhD

Steven L. Berman, PhD, obtained his doctorate in developmental psychology from Florida International University and is now an Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, on the Daytona Beach campus. His research interests include identity development and interventions aimed at promoting positive psychological growth by resolving identity dilemmas and reducing related symptoms of anxiety and distress. He has published numerous peer reviewed articles on various aspects of factors that can impede or facilitate identity development, such as parenting practices, traumatic experiences, peer socialization, cultural influences, globalization, and use of communication technology. He is on the Editorial Board of four journals in the field and served as President of the International Society for Research on Identity.

Ed Fouty, PhD

Ed Fouty, PhD received his doctorate from the University of New Mexico. His degree is in Clinical Psychology with a specialty in Neuroscience. Dr. Fouty completed his pre-doctoral internship in Clinical and Neuropsychology with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center in Knoxville, IA. He next served as the Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuropsychology with the Departments of Neurology, Psychiatry, and Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Georgia. Following his postdoctoral training, Dr. Fouty moved to Daytona Beach, Florida where he spent 12 years in private practice as a Neuropsychologist before joining the faculty at UCF in 2005.

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