Student Profile

Ethling Hernandez

After exploring many options in the United States, Ethling Hernandez found that the University of Central Florida had a highly accredited engineering program, as well as a beautiful campus. She says, "I can say with no doubt in my mind that the education here is first-class. I have been commended on my knowledge various times in places outside of school, and for that I have my dedicated teachers to thank." Hernandez graduated from the Engineering Management track of the Industrial Engineering MS program in May 2006.

Abdulelah Ali

Abdulelah Ali earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from King Abdul-Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. He has had a lifelong interest in engineering and chose to pursue his graduate degree at UCF because of the strong reputation of the Industrial Engineering program. He earned a master’s in the Engineering Management track in 2012 and is now in the Quality Systems Engineering track of the PhD program.

Ali appreciates many aspects of his program: the support of faculty members such as Dr. Ahmad Elshennawy and Dr. Richard Biehl; the variety of elective courses allowing for specialization in areas of interest; the convenience of many recorded lectures. “UCF has a very strong name among other universities in the nation,” Ali says. “I am proud to be a part of it.”  

During his time at UCF, Ali received a scholarship from the Saudi Arabian Government, and he was inducted into the Academic Honor Society Delta Epsilon Iota. Ali will graduate with his doctorate in Fall 2014 and plans to continue in the academic field. Eventually, he would like to run his own business.

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