Student Profile

Ella Dali Raynor

Ella Dali Raynor earned her bachelor’s degree in English at Towson University where her mentor introduced her to the field of Rhetoric and Composition. When selecting a program for her Master’s, Raynor chose UCF for its personal touch. “There are so many warm and knowledgeable professors who are excited to work with you and invite you to join projects,” she explains. In addition, the small cohort allows the opportunity to engage with other students and not feel “lost in the crowd.”

Raynor deeply appreciates the professors’ level of investment in their students. Martha Brenckle, PhD reached out to Raynor as soon as she was accepted to the program and has continued to be there for her throughout her studies. Dr. Brenckle, Blake Scott, PhD, and Natasha Jones, PhD have helped Raynor focus her research interests. “I have discovered a passion for the rhetoric of health and medicine and its connections to social justice. I’ve begun to explore the concept of ‘feminist cultural knowledge’ specifically surrounding the act of childbirth.”

Raynor is the recipient of the Graduate Dean’s Fellowship (2015-2018). As a Graduate Assistant, she served as a consultant at the University Writing Center and later as a Graduate Teaching Associate. She has presented her paper, Articulating Feminist Cultural Knowledge: Resistance, Agency, and Discursive Space, at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (2017).

Raynor will complete her degree in spring 2018 and is excited about the many opportunities open to her in the areas of grant writing, technical writing, teaching, and more!

Rachel Molko

Rachel Molko graduated from Florida State University with a BA in English: Editing, Writing, and Media. While she had always had a knack for writing, these classes gave her insight into rhetorical theory. “I applied to UCF because it was one of the few schools in Florida that had a department for Writing and Rhetoric that was separate from the English department. I took this as a sign of their dedication to the practice,” explains Molko.

One of the aspects Molko likes most about UCF is the diverse student body. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, she has worked with students of varying interests, backgrounds, and experiences. She also appreciates the small size of the program which allows the faculty to really know and be there for their students. Her mentor, Stephanie Wheeler, PhD has been supportive from her first semester as a graduate student. “Knowing she has my best interest has made my experience at UCF more fulfilling.” Furthermore, Molko was happy to have the opportunity to take classes in the Nicholson School of Communication as part of her coursework. Ann Miller, PhD made her feel welcome in a new field. “She taught me in many ways what it looks like to be a respectful, caring, and knowledgeable professor.”

Molko was awarded the Delores A. Auzenne fellowship for graduate student excellence. After she completes her degree in spring 2018, Molko plans to apply to graduate programs in rhetoric and communications as well as law programs. “I will go wherever the best opportunity lies!”

Emily Proulx

Emily Proulx came to UCF as an undergraduate thinking that she would major in marketing or advertising, but as she continued through her coursework, she realized that she most enjoyed learning about and helping other people write. She earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and served as a writing tutor at the University Writing Center. During this time, she developed her interest in rhetoric and composition and decided to pursue a Master’s in this field with a focus on learning and literacy.

Proulx is currently researching the practices of students enrolled in online courses and how faculty are trained to teach online classes. “It has been enlightening to learn about students’ perceptions and expectations of online courses and the amount of pedagogical decisions that go into the creation of these courses,” she states. Proulx received the Department of Writing and Rhetoric Graduate Teaching Associate Excellence award for her dedication to effective instruction of Freshman Composition classes.

Proulx graduates in spring 2017 and aspires to find a teaching position, ideally at the university level. “One thing my Master’s degree has showed me is how much I enjoy teaching students about writing and I would love the opportunity to continue doing this.”

Celina Yebba

Celina Yebba has been a fan of the UCF Knights since she can remember. After she graduated from the University of Central Florida with her undergraduate degree, she joined the military. Yebba served with the 560th RED HORSE squadron in South Carolina and the 557th Expeditionary RED HORSE Squadron in Afghanistan. When she was in Afghanistan, she found herself looking through the UCF Graduate Catalog often and became extremely interested in UCF’s Professional Writing Graduate Certificate. When Yebba returned home, she applied for the program and completed the certificate program in May 2015.

Yebba is currently in the Master of Arts and Rhetoric and Composition program. Her favorite thing about the program is that the University of Central Florida offers such accessible, knowledgeable, and encouraging faculty to teach her classes. When asked about her memorable professors, Yebba responded that every professor she has had a class with has made a profound impact on both her education and her life. Yebba includes the faculty and staff’s genuine desire to see their students succeed as her favorite part of UCF and she believes that is why UCF is so special. 

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