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College of Arts and Humanities

Web Address:http://www.cah.ucf.edu
Graduate Web Addresses:http://graduate.cah.ucf.edu

The College of Arts and Humanities offers programs in the following  academic departments: English, History, Modern Languages and Literatures, Philosophy, and Writing and Rhetoric. The college oversees and also offers graduate programs in the School of Visual Arts and Design, the School of Performing Arts, and the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA). In addition to these departments, the college offers six graduate certificates (see below). The College of Arts and Humanities also offers an interdisciplinary PhD in Texts and Technology.

The College's Graduate Studies office serves the needs of students by providing friendly, easily accessible support and advisement, and by assisting with record keeping, registration, and graduation. It supports the academic development of students and faculty by providing appropriate resources, encouraging scholarly and creative activities, and promoting quality graduate education and research facilities. The area also supports the establishment and development of new and competitive graduate programs by serving as a responsive source of information for students, faculty, and staff, by encouraging increases in the number and quality of graduates, and by serving as a liaison between the programs and the College of Graduate Studies.

The College's Graduate Studies office assists students in matters concerning college and university requirements and procedures. Students should address questions concerning admission materials, acceptance notification, program of study, graduate committee membership, thesis and dissertation approvals, fellowship and financial information, waiver and petition forms, and graduate certifications to their respective department. However these items are processed through this office for all graduate students in the college. Questions concerning university and college graduate policies affecting Arts and Humanities programs should be directed to the Office of Academic Support in the College of Arts and Humanities Dean's Office, CAH 190.

College Administration

  • Jeffrey Moore, Dean
  • Lyman Brodie, Associate Dean
  • Lynn Hepner, Associate Dean
  • Rudy McDaniel, Assistant Dean
  • Nancy Stanlick, Associate Dean
  • Cathy Radzai, Assistant Dean

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