About UCF

Mission Statement

The University of Central Florida is a public, multi-campus, metropolitan research university, dedicated to serving its surrounding communities with their diverse and expanding populations, technological corridors, and international partners. The mission of the university is to offer high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, student development, and continuing education; to conduct research and creative activities; and to provide services that enhance the intellectual, cultural, environmental, and economic development of the metropolitan region, address national and international issues in key areas, establish UCF as a major presence, and contribute to the global community.

UCF offers undergraduate education rooted in the arts and sciences, providing a broad liberal education while developing competence in fields of special interest. Unique aspects of UCF's approach are its commitment to educate students for a world in which cooperation is as important as competition; in which societal and environmental impacts of new developments are as important as their technical merits; and in which technology, the arts, sciences, humanities, and commerce work together to shape the future.

The complexity of modern society requires comprehensive graduate and professional programs. UCF provides advanced education that matches institutional strengths with evolving regional, state, national, and international needs. It supports these advanced programs by recruiting excellent students, faculty, and staff and by supplying the infrastructure that enables these programs to achieve national prominence.

Basic and applied research, as well as creative activity, are integral parts of a quality education. UCF faculty members are scholar-teachers. As such, they create new knowledge, new points of view, and new means of expression in a broad range of academic, professional, and socially significant areas. Their creativity fosters innovation as they convey their results, methods, values, and expressions to students, colleagues, and the public.

UCF works actively to build partnerships that promote development of central Florida's economy through carefully targeted programs of graduate study and research. The I-4 High-Technology Corridor Council, whose goal is to attract, retain, and expand high technology investment and jobs, is but the latest example of UCF's collaboration with partners from industry, state and local government, and higher education.

Service to its community is an important extension of the metropolitan mission of the university. Public service is prominent at UCF, and the university develops partnerships with the community to enrich the educational, artistic, cultural, economic, and professional lives of those it serves in central Florida and beyond.

Education is more than classroom experience. UCF students are involved in cooperative research and participate in artistic, social, cultural, political, and athletic activities. UCF provides academic diversity by bringing to its campus national and international leaders who expose students and the community to a wide range of views and issues. UCF achieves cultural diversity by using its multi-campus facilities to serve a diverse population of traditional and nontraditional students from various races, cultures, and nationalities.

UCF is committed to the free expression of ideas, the equality of all people, and the dignity of the individual.