Student Profile

Tracey Blue

Tracey Blue has always has an interest in technology, and that interest developed while working as a Data Management Program Coordinator at the New York City Department of Health, Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. She earned her BAS Degree in Supervision and Management at Florida State College before enrolling in the e-Learning track of the Instructional Design and Technology master’s program.

Blue enjoyed the comprehensive nature of the program as well as the fact that she could earn her degree completely online while never feeling distant from professors or classmates. “Everything I learned was applicable to real world educational experiences, and the online classes are so engaging,” she explains. “Working in teams was very easy, since there are many options and opportunities to use technology for virtual meetings.” She appreciated that her program advisor, Glenda Gunther, PhD, was always available to assist her with any questions or concerns.

Blue graduated in 2013 and is currently a Student Experience Associate at Florida State College providing virtual academic advising to students. “The knowledge I gained while completing the program taught me to think outside of the box and prepared me for instructional technology opportunities other than instructional design,” she states. Blue enjoys encouraging students to feel confident when enrolling in online courses, continuing to build her instructional design portfolio and participating in professional development opportunities.

Mark Ophaug

Mark Ophaug earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in Spanish from the University of Florida before enrolling in the Educational Technology track of the Instructional Design and Technology master’s program. As a novice math teacher, Ophaug began using technology in his classroom and saw this program as a way to develop his skills and take his career to the next level.

Among the many aspects of the program that he appreciates, Ophaug mentions the practicality of the content, current instructional materials, variety of instructional methods and involved professors. In particular, Glenda Gunter, PhD, was influential for Ophaug: “She provided direction and guidance… the learning modules and lessons she created were directly relatable to my profession and could be implemented with ease. She also creates a learning environment that fosters exploration and creativity, essential skills for anyone in an instructional role.”

Ophaug graduated in Spring 2013. He is an emerging educational technology leader at his school and has worked to bring access to a web-app to support Algebra 1 instruction and EOC preparation across his school district. He strives to prepare his students for the technological world they are entering.

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