Student Profile

Brittany Giammalvo

Brittany Giammalvo has always known she would be a UCF Knight having grown up attending UCF football games with her alumni father. She received her undergraduate degree from UCF in Health Sciences (Pre-Clinical). She was attracted to the UCF Doctor of Physical Therapy program because of its esteemed reputation within the Physical Therapy community and the emphasis on the anatomy and cadaver lab.

Giammalvo credits Assistant Professor William Hanney, PhD, DPT for introducing her to the UCF DPT program within his role as advisor to the Undergraduate Physical Therapy Association (UPTA) while she was president of this organization.

Giammalvo plans to graduate in Spring 2018 and aspires to work in an inpatient children’s hospital.

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton came to the doctoral program in Physical Therapy at UCF after earning his bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of West Florida. He originally aspired to become a medical doctor, but his personal experience with physical therapy for a high school football injury led to his interest in this field “where patients must assume responsibility for their own well-being and where there is time for more interaction with patients.” Hamilton was impressed with the physical therapist’s ability not only to rehabilitate the injury but also to educate regarding the purpose of the sessions and how they related to his goal of being “a functional overhead athlete again.”

Currently, most of Hamilton’s time is devoted to his studies, but in what spare time he has, he competes in powerlifting in the USAPL 93kg class and enjoys fishing or anything within the general vicinity of a large body of salt water. Hamilton will graduate in 2018. His long-term goal is to become a college professor and help guide the education of future physical therapists. 

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