Faculty Profile

Eduardo Teixeira, PhD

Professor Eduardo Teixeira, PhD is a leading expert in partial differential equations (PDE) and its vast range of applications. His most important findings thus far are grounded in the theory of diffusive processes and free boundary problems. Such models appear naturally in the mathematical formulation of a number of studies in pure and applied sciences. Dr. Teixeira’s works often involve tools and methods coming from several fields such as: harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory, nonlinear analysis, among others. Among his impressive list of distinctions are the 2013 Mathematical Congress of the Americas prize, and the election as a Permanent Fellow of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Up to date, he has written more than fifty articles, books and lecture notes, and he has advised six PhD and four postdoctorate students. 

Jiongmin Yong, PhD

Jiongmin Yong, PhD, a 2014 “International Congress of Mathematician” 45-minute invited speaker, joined UCF in 2003. Dr. Yong is a worldwide well-known expert in mathematical control theory, both for deterministic and stochastic systems. His book “Stochastic Controls: Hamiltonian Systems and HJB Equations” (joint with Xun Yu Zhou) is internationally influential in the area of stochastic control theory. He is also an expert in mathematical finance. Two of his former PhD students are now well-known mathematical control theorists, two of his former PhD students and several of his former master students are currently working in financial industry.

Basak Gurel, PhD

Profesor Basak Gurel's research lies at the interface between symplectic topology and geometry and Hamiltonian dynamical systems with particular focus on the question of the existence of periodic orbits. Dr. Gurel works on several aspects of that question such as establishing existence results for general or particular systems, and constructing nontrivial Hamiltonian systems without periodic orbits using techniques from both symplectic topology and geometry, and other fields such as dynamical systems, analysis and differential geometry.
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