Faculty Profile

Jay Kapat, ScD

Jay Kapat, a Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT (1991), is a professor in the Department of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering, and is currently the Lockheed Martin Professor of Engineering. Dr. Kapat is the founding Director of the newly-founded Center for Advanced Turbines and Energy Research (CATER). He also leads the Siemens Center of Excellence that has been set up at UCF as a joint UCF/Siemens collaboration and that is part of SATER. His research interests include Advanced Turbines, Energy and Environment, Miniature Engineering Systems, Micro and Nano-scale Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, and Flow and Transport in Different Materials Processing Techniques. He has supervised and graduated nine PhD, two MS and three BS Honors students. He has published one book chapter, 32 journal papers, and another 67 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. Three patents have been issued in his name and another 3 are pending. He has received research funds of $5.7 million as a Principal Investigator and $3.2 million as a Co-Principal Investigator.

Eric L. Petersen, PhD

Eric L. Petersen, PhD, is currently an associate professor in the Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering department at UCF. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1998 from the High Temperature Gas Dynamics Laboratory. His current research interests include propulsion systems, shock waves, combustion, gas dynamics, chemical kinetics, fluid mechanics, optical diagnostics, gas turbine engines, and rockets. His research facilities include a shock-tube laboratory with two shock tubes, a solid propellant research laboratory, a high-pressure flame speed vessel, a supersonic wind tunnel, and various other thermofluid devices and measurement techniques. Dr. Petersen has collaborations with Aerospace Corporation and international laboratories, offering students the ability to study abroad and be exposed to additional high-technology equipment for aerospace engineering research. He has published over 100 articles and received numerous awards, such as the NSF CAREER Award, a NASA Group Achievement Award, and Professor of the Year.

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