Faculty Profile

Keith Folse, PhD

Keith Folse, PhD  has written over 50 books, in addition to several articles in peer-reviewed journals. With a career that spans 30 years and five countries, Dr. Folse has developed a student-oriented teaching manner. “My teaching philosophy is to make the classes practical, fun and informative. I always try to remember that graduate students are busy adults who have full lives already. Their time is critical, so I try hard to make sure that each class has many useful and practical activities in it,” he says. Dr. Folse has been the recipient of 8 teaching and research awards at UCF, including Graduate Professor of the Year in 2004, and is frequently invited to do talks and workshops all over the world. (www.keithfolse.com)

Kerry Purmensky, PhD

Kerry Purmensky, PhD, the current graduate coordinator of the MATESOL program received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. She specialized in computer learning and web development, creating a website for her dissertation. After spending two years at Southeast Missouri State University, teaching both online and in the classroom, she came to the University of Central Florida in 2003. Dr. Purmensky continues to teach graduate and undergraduate TESOL classes online and face-to-face, infusing most courses with an element of service-learning. She has a strong commitment to ensuring that students learn theoretical perspectives in the classroom and then have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a real-world setting. Dr. Purmensky has published in the areas of assessment and service-learning and her first service-learning book, Service-learning for Diverse Communities: Critical Pedagogy and Mentoring English Language Learners, is to be released April 2009.

Florin Mihai, PhD

Currently an Assistant Professor in TESOL at the University of Central Florida, Florin M. Mihai, PhD, holds a doctorate and an MS in Multicultural and Multilingual Education from the Florida State University, as well as a BA in English and Romanian from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, Romania. He taught TESOL, second language testing, and applied linguistics courses at the Florida State University, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at the Center for Intensive English Studies in Tallahassee, Florida, and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at a private language institute in Romania. Dr. Mihai's research interests include on the one hand, the effects of globalization on foreign language curriculum development, and on the other hand, the consequences of Florida’s Consent decree on pre- and in-service content area/ESOL teacher education in Florida.
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