Student Profile

Raju Nagaiah

Growing up, Raju Nagaiah was always fascinated by airplanes and automobiles which led him to pursue a degree in engineering. He earned his master’s in Mechanical Engineering then went on to get his doctorate in Industrial Engineering. The opportunity to do research at an up-and-coming university is what drew Nagaiah to UCF in the first place. His dissertation, entitled Multiobjective Design Optimization of Gas Turbine Blade with Emphasis on Internal Cooling, presented a unique approach to the significant issue of increased energy efficiency and independence.

During his time at UCF, Nagaiah received the Graduate Studies Fellowship Travel Award for two consecutive years, as well as the IEEE Reliability Society Scholarship, and he was recognized in Who’s Who Among Students at UCF. He was involved in numerous organizations, including the American Society for Quality Student Chapter at UCF, the International Student Association, and the Indian Student Association. He was also a Student Ambassador for UCF Industrial Engineering and Management Systems.

Nagaiah graduated in fall 2012 and is now a Licensing Associate in the UCF Technology Transfer Office, responsible for reviewing and assessing UCF technologies for patentability. 

Maria Bull Torres

Maria Bull Torres has always been interested in the process of how things work. She earned her BS in Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de Concepcion in Chile then came to UCF where she earned her master’s and PhD. She appreciates the many opportunities she had in the Industrial Engineering program to conduct research and attend conferences.  She has been involved in numerous projects, such as working for the Office of Naval Research on improving sonar detection utilizing information fusion techniques. She was also one of three civilians accepted from 100 applicants to work with the US Army Corps of Engineers on disaster management developing SIM Tool software to compile pertinent information for training purposes. Her dissertation focused on measuring the efficiency of hospital networks in the event of a disaster. During her time at UCF, Torres presented preliminary work to the Industrial Engineering Institute’s conferences, and she has been published in Industrial Engineering Magazine and Emerald Management Reviews Database.

Torres completed her PhD in Industrial Engineering in fall 2012. She has returned to Chile and is now teaching and conducting research at the Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion. She hopes to continue to do joint work between the U.S. and Chile.

Shawn Gallaher, Ph.D.

The experience of completing a Ph.D. at the University of Central Florida was both professionally and personally rewarding for Shawn Gallaher. Professionally, it allowed him to pursue his research interests in the information security and industrial and systems engineering domains. Through the work that has been completed, he has acquired not only a greater depth of knowledge with respect to these domains, but also the ability to conduct meaningful research and develop good solutions to existing problems faced by the respective industrial and academic communities. From a personal standpoint, he learned the power of determination, patience, and consistency – as he completed the entire Industrial Engineering Ph.D. program while working in industry. As a full-time employee, in addition to being a husband and father of two children, the task of balancing life’s non-academic responsibilities with the demands of coursework, conducting research, and writing a dissertation proved very challenging, but also very rewarding. Prior to beginning his studies at UCF, Gallaher completed Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio University in Athens, OH (2000, 2002). He has worked in industry for over 11 years with large and complex Federal and commercial organizations in engineering and advisory roles. He currently works as an Information Assurance Engineer for the Northrop Grumman Corporation in Melbourne, FL.

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