Student Profile

Rogier Van Etten

When Rogier Van Etten, a graduate of the Interactive Entertainment MA program, got involved with the creation of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) as part of the support staff, he realized that it was a perfect fit for his education interests, "When I saw the faculty and staff that were brought on board to start FIEA, I knew it would guarantee a world-class education unavailable anywhere else. Combine that with fantastic facilities in downtown Orlando, and FIEA becomes a very obvious choice for anyone serious about getting into Game Development. As far as I know, no other school comes close. I decided to enroll, and I haven't regretted it one single bit."

Matt Laurence

Matt Laurence didn’t realize he could study his passion of videogames until his mother told him so—literally. Laurence graduated from New College in Sarasota with a degree in psychology when his mom sent him an email about FIEA. “I knew programmers and artists had educational opportunities that could get you into games, but I was a producer and thought I was stuck,” he says. After finding out about FIEA's producer track, Laurence was hooked. While at FIEA, he was lead producer of Opera Slinger, a singing-based, opera-themed game that won several national awards and helped him land a job as a lead producer at 360Ed, a company that produces educational games aimed at high school students. Laurence loves making games for a living and being part of a start-up company. “You have more personal responsibility and ownership. And the company’s successes are your successes.”

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