Student Profile

Hamid Amini

Hamid Amini, a student in the Environmental Engineering PhD program, wants to make a difference in the future of the world. “The program gives me the ability to do something that can directly affect and improve the health of humans and the immunity of the planet,” he explains. Amini is a graduate research assistant working on a Landfill Gas Management project. Considerable amounts of gas, composed of methane, carbon dioxide, and trace gases, are produced in landfills. He explains, “This gas is a threat to human health and to the environment because it contributes to the “greenhouse effect,” as well has having negative odor effects. But, this gas can also be a great source of producing energy and electricity if properly managed.” He received UCF’s 2008-2009 Solid Waste Management Scholarship on behalf of his efforts with this project.

Andrea Cumming

Andrea Cumming came to UCF as an undergraduate in 2006 and earned her BS and MS in Engineering before going on to the doctoral program in Environmental Engineering. Growing up, math and science were always favorite subjects, and she has had a lifelong interest in the environment. Her mother encouraged her to consider engineering and she has never looked back. “The faculty are professionals with real experience in the engineering industry and have provided invaluable guidance for preparing for careers in the industry,” notes Cumming. She received the Graduate Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence for the 2010-2011 academic year. She is also the recipient of the Roy W. Likins Memorial Scholarship from the American Water Works Association. “It is an honor to be recognized by both the academic and professional worlds.”

Cumming’s research focus is on drinking water treatment, an important public health issue. She is currently involved with several research projects in Maui, Hawaii related to advanced treatment techniques for drinking water.

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