Student Profile

Karl Banks

Karl Banks earned his bachelor's in Computer Engineering from UCF in 2011 then went on to obtain his master’s in Engineering Management in the Industrial Engineering track. He chose this path because of the versatility an Engineering Management degree would offer when embarking on a career. Banks has been interested in computers all his life, learning to design websites in sixth grade. One of the aspects of his program that Banks enjoyed most was the time spent analyzing real world cases. “I felt that this program did an exceptional job at preparing me for the many challenges that can arise when operating and managing a business,” notes Banks.

During his time at UCF, Banks received the UCF Founder’s Scholar award and was nominated for the Order of Pegasus. He interned at Lockheed Martin on the Joint Strike Fighter program then continued on in a co-op position for three and a half years. Banks graduated in summer 2012 and accepted an offer with Electronic Arts to work as a game developer for EA Sports in Orlando. He hopes to work his way up to a managerial role and aspires to one day become the CEO of his own company. 

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