Graduate Catalog 2014-2015
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Welcome to the Graduate Faculty section of the Graduate Catalog. This section lists UCF faculty and associated scholars who are eligible to participate in the various functions involved in graduate education at UCF. There are three tabs at the top of this page: this tab has a list of all Graduate Faculty; the second tab lists the Graduate Faculty who are eligible to chair dissertation committees; the third tab lists Graduate Faculty Scholars. Searches may be done by keywords (for example, person's name or research interests) or disciplinary areas. Sorting the lists by discipline (click on “Sort By: Discipline”) will display a list of faculty who have indicated expertise in specific disciplines. For the full description of the roles that the Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholars play in graduate education at UCF, please see the Graduate Council policy.

Members of the Graduate Faculty have multi-year employment affiliations with UCF and are qualified to participate in various functions involved in graduate education. All graduate faculty are eligible to teach graduate courses, serve as members of thesis and dissertation committees, and serve as chairs or co-chairs of master’s thesis committees. For the list of Graduate Faculty who are eligible to chair dissertation committees, please see the second tab. All members, chairs, vice chairs, and co-chairs of thesis and dissertation advisory committees must be approved by the graduate program committee of the student’s program.